• Babyfood plants in Russia - Commissioning
  • Osteanlæg I Argentina (Mastellone) – Programming and commissioning
  • Mejeri I AlAin, UAE – Programming and commissioning
  • CIP Plants in Iran – Montage/Supervision and commissioning
  • Osteanlæg I Polen (Mlekpol, Melkovita, etc) – Projecting, programming and commissioning
  • Feta ost anlæg i Iran – Programming and commissioning
  • Dairyplant in USA (Nestlé) – Commissioning
  • Miscellaneous Service Jobs (home and abroad)



  • Miscellaneous programing and commissioning (home and abroad)



  • Krill Trawler with onboard processing factory – Projecting, programming and commissioning


Bila A/S:

  • Palletizing Plants (Damolin, Norlax, etc) – Projecting, programming and commissioning
  • Project management


Kilde Automation:

  • Machinery with Industrial Robots, Servodrives, etc (Sauer Danfoss, Novo, Grundfos, etc) – Programming and commissioning


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